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2020山西益昌升精品推荐-大清铜币(户部造 当制钱十文)



藏品名称:大清铜币(户部造 当制钱十文)

Name of Collection:Bronze coins of the Qing Dynasty


Collection specification: One set (12 pieces)


How to trade:Dubai International Auction House



China is an ancient civilization with a long history of 5,000 years. It is one of the earliest countries in the world to make and use money. China's currency in each period carries the political, economic, cultural, artistic and other information of the Times. The history of China's currency also reflects the rise and fall of China's dynasties from one side.


With the improvement of material living standard, people pursue the improvement of spiritual and cultural life more and more. As an art culture, the collection culture is loved by many people. The older the better, the older the collectors were, and the bronze coins of the Great Qing Dynasty were favored.

今天我们就一起来了解下大清铜币,最近知名交易中心山西益昌升文化艺术有限公司,有幸向翟先生征集到了一套大清铜币12枚(户部造  当制钱十文)。

Today, let's take a look at the bronze coins of the Great Qing Dynasty. Recently, the well-known trading center of Shanxi Yichang Sheng Culture and Art Co. , Ltd. was lucky enough to collect a set of 12 bronze coins of the Great Qing Dynasty from Mr. Zhai.

图片赏析—大清铜币(户部造  当制钱十文

Appreciation of copper coins from the Qing Dynasty (10 articles on copper coins made in Hubu)


As one of the ten most famous coins in modern China, the bronze coins of the Qing Dynasty became famous because of its historicity and rarity. It is well known that the collection value of ancient coins is determined by the quantity, cultural value and casting technology. "Da Qing Copper Coins" were minted in twenty provinces. In addition to the central household casting, the local provinces cast copper round, are engraved in its front central Yinwen or Yangwen provincial name for short. They are: Central Hubu; Zhi; Ji; Feng; Bian; Hubei; Hunan; Sichuan; Yun; Yunnan; Sichuan; Yunnan; Sichuan; Jiangxi; Fujian; Guangdong; Zhejiang; Su; Huai; Anhui; East; Ning.


There were many forms of bronze coins in the Qing Dynasty, especially when ten were the most. Many emperors of the Qing Dynasty issued copper coins as currency, the use of copper coins has important practical and historical significance, so that gradually facilitate the trade. Liu Yiqian, a well-known collector, once said: the bronze coins of the Great Qing Dynasty have always been a big collector's dream. Collectors in China love the coin because the Chinese nation is the Legend of the Dragon. For thousands of years, the dragon has permeated every aspect of Chinese society, becoming a cultural cohesion and accumulation. Dragon has become the symbol of China, the symbol of the Chinese nation, the symbol of Chinese culture. According to folklore, the dragon on the back of the "bronze coin of the Great Qing Dynasty" can increase a person's luck and make him look for good luck under the protection of the Dragon's Qi.

此套户部造大清铜币,钱面中央有“大清铜币”四个汉字,上端是满文“大清铜币”字样,两侧为年份。边缘中间分别“户部”二汉字,下端为“当制钱十文”。钱背中央为蟠龙,上端是“光绪年造”,下端英文“Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Coper Coin”字样(大清帝国铜币)。整体无论文字和纹饰,皆十分精到,凸凹鲜明,文字笔划和纹饰线条圆滚,显示模具冲压着力深打。此套藏品雕刻精良,版面设计优雅,且存世量极为稀少,极具收藏价值。虽然经历无穷岁月的洗礼,品相或许受到影响,所以收集到精品古钱币难度就非常大。也许是因为此缘故,导致如今一些古钱币价值连城,甚至仅仅一两枚古钱币,便能换到市区一套房子。因为古钱币收藏市场产生的惊人利益和不断涌现的财富神话,吸引了许多“土豪”蜂拥而入,当人们开始意识到古钱币的真正价值的时候,奈何市面上的古钱币早早被人搜刮而去,此钱币是考古和研究中国历史文化难得的实物。由于历经百年风雨,因此很受收藏爱好者青睐,未来升值潜力巨大,具有相当高的收藏和投资价值。

This set of Hubu made da Qing copper coins, coins face central "da Qing copper coins" four Chinese characters, the top is Manchu "da Qing copper coins" words, on both sides for the year. In the middle of the edge are two Chinese characters for "Hubu" , and at the bottom are "Dangqian Shiwen" . The central back of the money for Panlong, the top is "Guangxu Nian Zao" , the bottom of the English "Tai-Ching Ti-Kuo Coper Coin" words (the Qing Dynasty copper coins) . Overall regardless of the text and decorative, are very fine, convex and concave bright, text strokes and decorative lines round, indicating the die stamping effort. The collection is exquisitely carved, elegantly designed, and extremely rare and highly collectible. Although experience endless years of baptism, taste may be affected, so the collection of fine ancient coins is very difficult. Perhaps because of this, some ancient coins are now so valuable that even just one or two coins can be exchanged for a house in the city. Because of the amazing profits and emerging wealth myths of the ancient coin collection market, many "tycoons" flocked to the market when people began to realize the true value of the ancient coins, however, the ancient coins on the market were looted early, this coin is a rare object of archaeology and study of Chinese history and culture. As a result of 100 years of ups and downs, it is very popular collectors, the future appreciation potential is huge, with a very high collection and investment value.


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