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Name of Collection:Guangdong Province creates the Guangxu Yuanbao Shuanglong longevity character coin


Collection specification:Diameter 39.2 mm, weight 25.7 G


How to trade:Dubai International Auction House


In the course of thousands of years'historical development of the Chinese nation, there are many kinds of coins, which have formed the cultural system of coins with oriental characteristics. Coin Collection since ancient times, the current collection market is still showing a hot scene, set off a wave of collection is enduring. Different coins have different characteristics, each of which is unique in the market.


Throughout the ages, to the birthday of the theme of Porcelain and ornaments are numerous, coins as the theme of the birthday of the currency is extremely rare. In the world of coin collecting, there is a well-known silver coin, which has been listed as one of the ten treasures of modern Chinese mechanism coins because of its exquisite manufacture and rare quantity. It has also been searched and excavated by people for thousands of years, this is the Guangxu Yuanbao Shuanglong longevity coin made in Guangdong Province.


Opening the door of history, deciphering the legend behind it —— Foshan -- the Yuan Yuan Bao Shuanglong Shou Zi of Guangxu in Guangdong Province.


Guangxu Yuanbao is China's earliest mechanism of foreign-style silver dollar, commonly known as "Dragon Ocean" , because the silver dollar back usually cast dragon pattern and named. The silver coin is engraved with four characters "made in Guangdong Province" on the outside of the bead circle on the front of the coin, and five characters "Kupyn seven coins and two characters" on the bottom, engraved with a bat pattern on each side, inside the bead ring, there are four Chinese characters for "Guangxu Yuanbao" . Silver Coin Back Bead Ring Outside Casting Double Dragon play bead pattern, bead ring inside casting a round "life" character. The silver coin has a distinctive design, with a pair of bats on both sides of the front symbolizing auspiciousness. Because the Bat "Bat" word and "Fu" word homophonic, and the back of the "longevity" word corresponding, meaning "happiness and longevity of both" .


The coin was minted in the early thirty-one of Guangxu (1905) to commemorate Empress Dowager Cixi's sixtieth birthday. Zhang Jiongbo in the "Guangdong Province silver coins" in an article, wrote: "However, due to the lack of age, this product is very difficult to break, but look at its design, humorous for longevity, surrounded by Shuanglong, the curtain without English, meaning eulogy, Big Abnormal System. Thus, it became one of the commemorative coins that were made to celebrate Empress Dowager CIXI's 70th birthday. The Front of the collection is the Guangxu Silver Ingot", the outer ring of the bead ring is casted in the form of "made in Guangdong Province" . At the bottom of the bead ring is the coinage value: "Kupyn's seven coins are divided into two parts" . On each side is a four-petal flower. At the center is the Manchu "Guangxu Yuanbao" . On the back of the Silver Ingot, the inner ring is cast with the Dragon Soaring Totem, the dragon pattern is domineering and leaking, and the outer ring is cast in English with exquisite taste and unique aesthetic style. Although the coins were small, there was a glimpse of the social culture at that time. The product is relatively good, the font is clear, regular shape, good quality, font strokes smooth, decorative engraving fine, this kind of money is rare, there is a high collection value.


The coin is the only one of all Ryūyō silver coins (including those issued abroad) that are ready for circulation (though not yet) , and its inimitable security features are few and far between. The surface of the coin is covered with a thick paste, even the layman who has not studied the silver dollar is a Hands All Over. Exquisite workmanship, in the same category with high collection value, is the treasure of the hands of ancient coin lovers!

近期知名交易中心山西益昌升有幸从王女士手上征集到这枚光绪元宝双龙寿字币 ,如果有藏友对此藏品有收藏的意向,欢迎莅临本公司洽谈,或者与市场部联系。 

Recently, the well-known Trading Center of Shanxi Yi Changsheng had the honor to collect this Guangxu Yuanbao Double Dragon Longevity coin from Ms. Wang. If there are collectors interested in this collection, welcome to visit our company to negotiate, or contact the marketing department.


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